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Don’t Do On Mondays

Who loves Mondays? Well, for most of us its not a favorite day and there are a few things … better to be avoided on Mondays. Here are some of them

  1. Ask people to do things for you: Monday is a stressful day, after some relaxing moments on the weekend is the landing back to the reality. Everybody tries to organize the week ahead and loading people with extra work could be very stressful and has negative effect, especially on Monday mornings.

  2. Follow up on a job: On the same line with the above your clients and associates are organizing their week asking for a feedback on Monday probably you will be a pain and is much possible to receive a negative impact.

  3. Check application status: Although your excitement for the upcoming week and the new chapter you want to open in your life we recommend not to check any application status on Monday

  4. Hard sell yourself or your business: That’s a two factor problem. First is based on the mood the Mondays are carrying and second on the limited time that people are having to hear how great you are.

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