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How to take out the most from a designer

Communicating with a designer it’s not an easy task. Actually it’s not easy at all but it’s a procedure that must be done and its vital for the quality of the outcome.  According to Cambridge dictionary a designer is a person who imagines how something could be made and draws plans for it:A very common mistake we are doing during the communication process is that we are just describe how we want a product/design to look like. Maybe its not so bad, we need a design for a specific reason we may spent sleepless nights thinking of it and at the end of the day its our design. OK so far but will it be better if we explain to the designer what is our goal, our vision what we want to achieve with that design. They may have an idea to add ours. They totally have the expertise and according to Cambridge is their job to imagine. If you be totalitarian with what you want then you deny them a part of their job. And guess what, that’s the nice part of it , nobody decided to become a designer for just moving a mouse or a pencil. Another mistake that can drive to a bad design is to tell a designer how to do something. Many of us except of having great artistic expressions somehow have that secret knowledge of how to make a great design. You don’t go to a restaurant telling the chef how to cook something, it’s quite insulting right? And if you do be ready to accept a bit more salt in your food. 
On the other hand giving absolute freedom to a designer can be a mistake. It’s recommended to give the frame of your acceptance to a designer prior the design. If you have a specific color or tone give it to them,if you have brand guidelines even better. If you are a great black and white  lawyer point it out otherwise mickey mouse can pass by your business card. Use the right keywords to describe you during the communication. Don’t forget that imagination is endless but Coca Cola is red. 
Finally if you follow the above and you have an amazing outcome give the designer a credit. Give them some glamour and who knows, your next design can be even better.  With every order for a personalized product in our company, one of our professional designers will contact you in order to consult you and design your order. This unique service is free. We recommend you to take the most from it for a better product. 

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