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How to wash your printed t-shirts

How to wash you printed t-shirts

Everyone is asking how to wash my printed t-shirt. Here we present you some useful tips In order to take the most of your printed t-shirt and make it look like new for long time:
  1. Use cold water as high temperatures will fade the printing and the color
  2. Don’t use strong detergent or bleach . It’s better to use light forms of detergents
  3. Wash your clothes inside out. Turning your clothes on the opposite, before washing,  it will prevent both the printing and the color to be faded 
  4. Avoid hot dryer. As mentioned at point one high temperatures will fade the printing and the color, although if you insist to use the hot dryer don’t set it on its highest heat settings.
  5. Wash your apparel with similar clothes. Its better to wash your clothes with similar clothes not only in color but on fabric too
  6. Zip Up you hoodies . If you are washing hoodies is better to zip them up before printing
  7. Don’t Iron the printing on your clothes. When ironing prefer don’t contact heated iron with printed parts when possible

The above tips are based on our experience and research around t-shirt printing and are not scientifically proof. Our company can supply all your t-shirt printing needs fast and in high quality, from one pieces till a massive order! Explore our t-shirt printing range on our website

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