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Introducing Magic Products

And they are here! Magic Products, the next generation of giving, are now available. Our new futuristic project promises higher impact and unforgettable moments.

What are Magic Products?
Magic products concept combines our traditional personalised gifts range with the use of futuristic technology. Magic technology , an app based software, transforms an image to a video. Moreover Magic Technology offers interaction possibilities offering call to action opportunities.
How to use them?
Using Magic Products is a very simple 3 steps procedure. First step is to download the app which is available on google play and app store. As soon as you download the app the second step is to scan the qr code, which comes with the product, with the app camera. Finally you can focus the app camera at the product and magic will happens. All the products comes with a user manual.
Available products…
We are continuously expanding Magic Products options. Some of the products currently available are slates, coasters, magnets, awards, key chains, technology items and more
A multi-industry solution… 
Magic products offer great solutions for several industries such us tourism promotion, real estate promotion, weddings & events, education, fmcg’s, and much more.
Why Magic Products…
With Magic Products you can create impact, improve your message, build unforgettable moments and impress your clients
How to Buy Magic Products…

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