Building a Greener Business

We all know that the environment is under threat. We know that things have to change, and all of us are all trying to live a little greener, to make the world we love a little safer. In a time where governments seem to be moving too slowly to safeguard our planet, businesses have an opportunity to lead the way. You cannot change the world overnight, but each choice that is made to buy and operate sustainably can cumulatively effect real, lasting progress.

The Natural Way to Do Business

This is an opportunity to rethink how we all do business. Moving to a greener way of working does not mean having to compromise on quality or accept lower productivity. On small scales and large scales, there are options and solutions that can make businesses more sustainable without ever getting in the way of their goals. Whether it is a carbon offset scheme planting trees to combat deforestation or a greener office with sustainable kitchen products in the canteen and bamboo pens on the desks, all of the solutions are available now.

Bamboo Eco Friendly Products

Recent years have seen a huge increase in attention on sustainable materials. New fabrics have been developed, new manufacturing techniques, but sometimes, what works best has been there the whole time. Bamboo is a hugely versatile substance, capable of being used for everything from paper to Bluetooth speakers. It grows quickly and does not require pesticides or any harsh chemicals. This means that not only does it cut down on carbon output, it also protects local habitats. Local insects will not be affected by the use of industrial chemicals, the local environment will not suffer any run-off from pesticide or chemical use. Bamboo is just one example, but this is what high-quality sustainable materials can deliver to your business – it is about a combination of premium feel with the lightest carbon footprint possible.

Avoiding Waste

As a company, it does not make any sense to invest in a throwaway culture. What makes sense is buying products that last longer, ones that are not just better for the planet but better for your bottom line, too. Plastic pollution is a problem that affects the lives of millions of people and puts enormous strain on natural environments, so we have to take it seriously. The disposable coffee cups in the office are not just an issue because the plastic in them will take thousands of years to break down, they are an issue for a business too, because they have to be constantly re-stocked, constantly tidied up. A solution as simple as reusable coffee cups can be a first step to mitigating the negative environmental impact of a workplace while making it a smoother, better place to be working. There are now so many planet-friendly, lower carbon products available that offer premium, long-lasting service that there is no need to continue working in plastic-heavy environments. Good business does not have to cost the earth.

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