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Case Study: The Architectural Awards Design 


Our company, Hercules Group, was called upon to offer the solution to a specific project commissioned by the “Cyprus Architects Association” the creation of custom-made and original awards for the 2nd Architecture Awards.

The leading awards institution for the Architecture industry. The institution rewards notable projects and personalities who have successfully implemented projects in Cyprus in the last five years, whether they are businesses, architectural firms, or interior design firms.

Step 1:

After discussion with the client our team compiled all the information about Architecture and the association. The history, the most important features, and the data on which we can rely.
Our goal and mission was to meet the customer’s needs. The creation of unique awards that will highlight the following characteristics:
● Architecture
● Passion
● Improvement
● Creativity

Step 2:

After clarifying all the needs and the data given to us by the client, we proceeded with 2 procedures:
Design of the first samples by our creative department
Selection of Materials, on which the creation of the awards will be based.

We then drew up the creative ideas, which were sent to the client, along with the materials by which the award would be manufactured.

Materials chosen:
Wood & Bronze

A few words about bronze:

Bronze is used in sculpting, the manufacturing of large cast objects (eg church bells, cannons, etc.), coin cutting, the manufacturing of machine parts, the manufacturing of springs, etc. Compared to brasses (“commercial bronze”, etc.), bronze exhibits greater resistance to mechanical wear and chemical corrosion. However, it is firmer and has a higher purchasing cost.

Step 3:

We proceeded to create a sample which was presented to the client. The client approved the sample and then after the customer’s approval we advanced to production.


For 35 years our company, Hercules Group, has been a leading force in the field of creating trophies and awards, both in Cyprus and now also in the Greek market.

If you want to create awards that stand out do not hesitate to contact our customer service department at | +357 25724033

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