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Case Study: The UF Middle East Awards


Our company, Hercules Group, was called upon to provide a solution for a major international project, which is an honor for our company and was entrusted to us by the organizers of the UF Awards.

These awards are a yearly benchmark, as they represent the elite of awards for companies involved in trading and financial technology (fintech). This year’s awards took place in the cosmopolitan city of Dubai on January 17, 2024, as part of the iFX Expo at the International Commerce Center.

Step 1

After discussing with the client, our company’s team compiled all the information regarding the market in which these companies operate as well as the space where this prestigious event would take place. Our goal and mission were to meet the client’s needs by creating carefully crafted, impressive awards worthy of the event’s magnitude, highlighting the following characteristics:

● Grandiose

● Impressive

● Modern

● Reflecting the dynamics of the fintech market

● Relating to the location of the awards in Dubai.

Step 2: 

After clarifying all the needs and data provided by the client, we proceeded with two processes:

● Designing initial samples by our creative department

● Selection of materials to be used for creating the awards.

Next, we designed the creative ideas, which were sent to the client along with the materials for creating the award. The chosen creative idea resembles a skyscraper, thus relating to Dubai and the dynamic fintech market.

Materials chosen:

K9 Crystal with laser engraving, followed by sandblasting and coloring.

Step 3

We proceeded with creating a sample, which was presented to the client. The client approved the sample, and subsequently, we proceeded with production upon the client’s approval.


Our company, Hercules Group, has been a leading force in the field of trophy and award creation for 35 years, both in Cyprus and now in the Greek market. If you want to create your distinctive awards, do not hesitate to contact our customer service department at: | +357 25724033.

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