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Upgrading the Image of Cypriot Football

Our company, Hercules Group, was called upon to provide a solution for yet another major project, assigned to us by the Cyprus Football Association (CFA).

The project was none other than the redesign of the awards offered by the Association, which are the crown jewel of Cypriot sports with thousands of fans engaging daily with the developments of the CFA championships.

The goal of the CFA was to present a different image to Cypriot fans for the most popular sport in Cyprus, which is none other than football. This collaboration began in 2018 with the primary aim of upgrading the trophy of the First Division championship, the most significant sporting event on our island. After discussions with the relevant individuals in the association, we proceeded with the design of various ideas.

The aim was to create an award worthy of the significance of the competition, to be timeless, and to mark a new era for the Association. After the selection of the final idea, we proceeded with the construction of the prototype, which was sent to the client, and then, after various additions and modifications, the original award was constructed.

The 1st Championship, designed by our company, was presented for the first time during the 2018-2019 season. To date, the Cup has adorned the shelves of APOEL Nicosia (2018-2019), Omonia Nicosia (2020-2021), Apollon Limassol (2021-2022), and Aris Limassol (2022-2023).

It is noteworthy that with the renewal of the CFA logo, the medals awarded to the champion were also upgraded and redesigned.

In parallel with the above processes, we proceeded with the recreation of the trophy awarded to the winner of the CFA Shield (Super Cup). Given that this particular event often does not receive the proper attention from the Champion and the Cup winner due to their European obligations, our sole aim was to create an award that would be a benchmark for the teams competing for it.

For the creation of the Shield trophy, we delved into our creative drawers and found timeless award ideas to impart elements of classicism to the institution. The design presented and selected by the Association was none other than a Shield in a circular shape with the emblem of the Association engraved.

The Championship Cup as well as the CFA Shield are a selfless contribution from our company to the Association and therefore to the Cypriot fans.

As part of our broader cooperation with the Association, we collaborated to upgrade products related to our National Team such as banners and memorabilia exchanged during the National Team’s official matches. The products we manufacture for the Cyprus National Team serve as a reference point for its matches, resulting in us having the honor and joy to manufacture similar products for other national teams such as the Greek National Team.

On the occasion of this article, we would like to thank the Cyprus Football Association (CFA) for the trust it shows in us and we hope that we contribute effectively to our common goal, which is none other than the upgrading of Cypriot Football.

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