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How to build satisfaction for your horeca business clients

Increased hygienic protection measures are a decisive factor for the satisfaction of your hospitality business clients, even will be in post covid times. The covid-19 pandemic was ground shaking for all the horeca industry and the attention of keeping everything clean and offering ppe’s to your clients is more important than ever and will be the same in the future. Here you may find some ideas of us of how to increase the satisfaction of your clients through the correct hygiene.

Doing the things right is not always enough. Showing off that you do the things right is quite important as well. For example when you disinfect your hotel rooms or tables you may add cards and sealing equipments to verify that the place is disinfected.

On another point hygiene is a matter of personal perception. Offering your visitors hygienic kits , including sanitizers masks etc, during their arrival is always a good idea to satisfy even the most demanding ones.

Minimize the chances of carrying viruses is important as well, e.g. seal your folk and knife sets. Moreover using technology and tools such as digital menus can let your clients happy by feeling safe.

Give your clients space to feel safe and don’t crowd places. Using signage such us queuing barriers and Plexiglas stands, and stand here signals is always a good idea.

We really believe that in 2021 the equation of keeping your visitors happy and satisfied is the balance of keeping them and make them feel safe with make them feel free to act and not restricted.

At Hercules Group we are developing products to help you achieve your goals. Within our range you may find a wide variety of solutions on how to increase the satisfaction of your clients by keeping them safe. 

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