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Summer is full of opportunities

The best season of the year is about to start. Summer is here. Waking up to the sunlight glistening through the trees, gazing up at the blue sky gives you energy for the day ahead. The warm weather and the long days that summer provides are ideal for a lot of activities. Here at Hercules Group, we’ve created a summer bucket list just for you. Get ready to dive inside the summer, a season filled with many opportunities both for individuals and companies. This is the attitude of summer, it is the season for relaxing, and you don’t want to miss anything by hurrying past it. There is no need to sweat even more unless you enjoy it, and there is no wrong way to spend it. You may want to take it slow or be active.

Go to the beach

Might be just the very best thing to do. There are endless reasons why. Just arriving at the beach gives you a sense of relief, inhaling the salty air and observing the water is enough to change your mood. You can also get into the water, nothing beats dipping your feet into the sea and instantly feeling relaxed, so bring your beach towel, and your beach bag and you are ready.

Live under the sun

There are multiple benefits to spending some time in the sun, so if you are not already sunning yourself regularly, you should start. Don’t forget to put a hat on and sunscreen is always required.

Sip a drink by the sea

Drinking beer or cold beverages by the sea soothes your thirst, especially in the hot days of summer, so take your cooler bag and have a beer or maybe two.


Travel because we all need to fall off the radar and escape reality once in a while, take your trolley bag and enjoy your anonymity in new places and unexplored territories.

Go camping

Camping is always a good idea, fill your backpack with the necessities, take your adventure kit, and reconnect with nature while spending some quality time with your loved ones.

Have a barbeque or a picnic

Pack your barbeque accessories, take your picnic bag and you can have it both ways. Let the wonderful smells tickle your nose, not to mention that cooking makes you more creative.

Dress like summer

When temperatures rise everything changes and proper clothing is a must. Summer means color. Create unique t-shirts for your appropriate appeal and dress like summer.

Start working out

Prepare yourself; take your gym towel for the extra sweat, and your sports bottle. Working out is a way of life. Exercise, eat well, sleep well and let your body do the rest.

Try something new

Trying something new like gardening is an excellent way to learn new and interesting skills and reach your full capabilities. A garden provides wide opportunities for activities like weeding, harvesting, etc. Take your gardening growing kit and once you’ll have one, spending time each day in your garden will be essential.

Get married

Personalize your bachelor or hens party with a bachelor or hens kit and take it to another level. Invite your loved ones and celebrate together one of your most powerful memories.

Party like never before

PARTY IS HERE! The banner says. Summer and its nice warm weather are ideal for having great happenings. Impress your guests and throw the best event of the summer.

Summer is a state of mind. Whatever we do during its few months, summertime remains fixed in our consciousness. This is the season when many of our deepest memories are forged. So check out our summer bucket list and explore our new catalog. You can always visit our website at to see more. Go out there, swim, visit the sea, have a barbeque, travel, drink cold beer and beverages, work out, organize great events like weddings or fantastic parties, get into something new, have fun, and enjoy yourself.

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