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Why a call to action is important in your printed message


As a business owner or a marketing professional, you should keep in mind something so important that your printed message should always include a call to action. Because without a call to action, your audience may not know what you want them to do with the information you’ve given them on the message. The call to action is therefore a key element in getting your message across and achieving your desired outcome.

A call to action is an essential part of your printed message, so make sure it is clear, relevant, and achievable, and you’ll be on your way to achieve your goals.

Definition of CTA

A call to action is a simple way of promoting your custom printed products by asking someone to do something. It is usually the most important part of a printed message. 

A call to action can also be used in social media posts, especially on Facebook. For example, you can put: “Like if you agree” next to an image you’d like your audience to like and “Share if you agree” next to an image you’d like them to share with their friends. Your call to action should be clear and concise. It should be also relevant to your audience and your message. Then, it should be something that your audience can realistically do. If your call to action is too complicated or unrealistic, your audience is unlikely to take any action at all.

When writing a call to action, it’s important to consider the context in which it will be used. This includes your audience: are they men or women? Where do they live? Their time zones? Their situation: are they single or in a relationship?

All of these little details matter in the call-to-action of your printed message.

Forms of CTA

In the world of Print-on-demand the step of CTA is so important, that’s why we selected the best call-to-action forms you can use to develop your business !

Sending URL or QR CODE to your customers

The most common type of call-to-action in today’s business settings is sending prospects to a specific URL in order to purchase your product or service. You can use the full URL of the landing page, or a shorter version that is more convenient to type in. You can even use a QR code, which will eliminate the need to type in the URL altogether.

Call now for more information

Some potential customers, particularly in B2B, prefer to call for extra information. They don’t want to spend the time going to your website, where they might or might not be able to locate the data they need. They’ll have questions, and it’s sometimes preferable if they phone your business to speak with a helpful person.

Contact us via Web form

The idea of web form is so good because it’s such an effective way to have more customers. Normally, people have that sense of interest to know more about your products and other information. When you add a web form to your business website it helps you reach more customers.

Visit for a special Deal

Promoting a special deal is an excellent call to action. You can be employing print as one method of promotion for something you’ve been working on. Whatever you’re marketing, that’s a new service, a new item, a new add-on. You may point them to your website or to a special landing page where they can learn more.

Tips to write the best CTA

The goal of any marketing strategy is to engage visitors and encourage them to take action, whether that action is on a landing page or in a social media post. This is why having a compelling CTA is crucial.

There are many things to consider when writing an effective CTA; it takes much more than just saying “Buy.”

When creating your CTA, keep these four elements in mind if you want it to be as engaging as possible:

Use compelling action words in your call to action (CTA) if you want people to respond to it immediately. Words like “Now,” “Take Advantage Of,” or “Find Out More,” among others, have a lot of influence. Make sure your CTA is both demanding and actionable.

Add value by explaining why someone should click on your CTA. They are curious as to what they will get from it. This is why you need to be explicit with your value offer. It is much more persuasive to say “Access Exclusive Free Guide” than “Download” since it emphasizes the advantages of obtaining the guide (it is free and exclusive).

Get users to feel something: It’s wise to try to encourage users to feel something. Because you have to explain more in these CTAs, they tend to be longer. For example: “Make your dream a reality” or “Feel healthier today”.

Get imaginative: We are exposed to several CTAs throughout the day, whether we pay attention to them or not. Traditional examples like “Buy Now” are used so frequently that their impact has been diminished. Creating completely original CTAs, like “Yes, I want in!” captures attention and has the potential to be really powerful.


Once your prospects have received your print and direct message, there are various approaches to persuade them to take action. The key is to create a call-to-action that is attractive enough to get them to act by promising them something worthwhile as we do. In case you are looking for something to take your business to the next level go to our store and take a look for our products and the prints proposed so we can help you promote your business and achieve your goals.

author: Houda Zaoui

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