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Custom Printed T-Shirts – What to Expect

t-shirt sublimation printing



As a leading organization in the field of custom printed clothing we are customizing our products with several decoration methods. At this blog post you can read about the differences, the pros and the cons between the available decoration methods.

t-shirt cutting design

Digital Transfer

What is it?  A vinyl is transferred to a product through heat pressure. The vinyl is printed and cut by wide format printing machines. A more characteristic example of vinyl printing are the numbers of football t-shirts.
Feels like: Digital Transfer feels like you make one body a sticker & a T-shirt.
Pros: Ideal for multicolor prints, Budget friendly in small quantities.
Cons: Small letters and details must be framed, Less durable over time.

t-shirt printing design

Direct To Garment

What is it?  Printing directly to a white garment through a digital process. A printing head precisely sprays ink to the garment. Available only in white and very light color T-shirts.
Feels like: The ink becomes one body with the garment.
Pros: Very nice feeling when wearing the t-shirt, Ideal for photographic printings. Budget friendly in small and medium quantities.
Cons: Shininess is fading over time, Expensive in big quantities.


t-shirt sublimation printing

Screen Transfer

What is it?  Ink is transferred to a printing paper through screen printing process, then it’s transferred to the product through heat pressure.
Feels like: The t-shirt is painted.
Pros: Very durable, Nice feeling, Budget friendly in medium and very budget friendly in big quantities.
Cons: Not ideal for photographic printings, Expensive in small quantities.

t-shirt embroidery


What is it?  Fabric is decorated by multiple needles applying threads.
Feels like: 3d effect.
Pros: Everlasting, Very cool effect.
Cons: Expensive.

t-shirt sublimation printing



What is it?  Sublimated ink is transferred through heat into polyester fabric. Ideal for photographic printings.
Feels like: The ink becomes one body with the fabric.
Pros: Very durable, Budget friendly in both small & big quantities, Feels Amazing, Multicolor Prints.
Cons: Available only for white polyester fabrics.

If you choose the decoration method that fits you, you are a click away from creating custom clothing.

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