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Employees Rewards Program Idea

Here we present you a nice idea of how to increase the productivity and engagement of your colleagues: Employees reward program

What is it?It’s a list of gifts or incnetives where an employee can gain by collecting points. Some gifts examples are a watch or a weekend trip. Each gift should be priced with points and not money. The employee can collect points for good performance (e.g. closing a good deal) or taking the extra mile (e.g. working late to reach deadlines). The employee should have the freedom to collect and sum the points in order to choose the reward of his choice. A key principal for the sucess of the program is to be unrelated with money. The solely purpose should be to reward and encourage good perforamnce.

How to implement it?The first step is to create the rules of the program. Some of the rules are how many points can be gained, they can be divided in segments, for example you can offer 3 types of vouchers e.g. 5000, 10000, 25000 points. Moreover you have to set how long the points are valid. Another rule to set is who is going to giveout the points, e.g. department manager , this is mostly depented from the size and the structure of organization. The second step is to create the collection of products and price them in points. The collection can have a form from a traditional catalogue or even an internal online shop for more high tech organisations. In any case a responsible person for running the program should be set. Our reccomendation is to update the collection of products every 6 months Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter, this will help to match the listed rewards with the desires of your colleagues. Finally as long as everything is ready the third step is to publicise it within the team.

What are the benefits?The ultimate business goal of the employees reward programme is to increase the productivity of your colleagues. Moreover a happy working environment can be encouraged by the program. A benefits is that you are praising effort while you are avoiding a competitive environment between your colleagues. Another benefit is that is easy and low cost to operate plus is easy to establish it. Finally with the program you can increase the welfare of your colleagues. It’s a useful and effective human resources tool. 

How we can help?At Hercules Group for more than 32years we design products and services to help you stand out and achieve your goals. We can help you organise and execute the employees reward program. With our 5000+ products and services range you can create a collection of desired and productivity-boosted rewards. In addition we can help you organise this with a minimum investment by using our drop-shipping services. For more information don’t hesidate to contact our support team. 

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