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World Cup 2022: A great opportunity for brands

The World Cup 2022 is approaching and will be much different than the previous ones. Hosted in Qatar from 20/11 to 18/12, this will be the first world cup held during winter as well as the first world cup in the Middle East.

A challenging decision as we are used to enjoying this great sporting event wearing sleeveless T-shirts and holding cold beers. Although there is uncertainty involved, the excitement is huge from football fans around the world. That huge excitement created great opportunities for brands to promote their business and generate significant sales.  

Cheese & Wine vs Beers & BBQs?

Normally beer brands dominate advertising and promotional activities during world cup events. Football fans love beers because it is a chilling refreshment that helps to cool your during the warm weather. But what about if people need something to keep them warm rather than to get refreshed? This is an opportunity for wine & spirit brands to cover that need. We predict that bold red wines alongside cold cuts will be the best companion to a great game. Pizza is a ‘fixed race’ surely.

Home Sweet Home vs Pubs?

Football without fans and the stadium atmosphere is not the same, that’s why fans are packed in pubs during world cups to cheer, chant and support their team.

But what about if it is freezing cold outside?

A big discussion that people would have to make is whether they would prefer to watch the game from the comfort of their home, or at the pub. We predict that the pubs will be packed but mostly we predict that a new kind of pub will be on the rise; the DIY-home pub!

How can we help?

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